How many guests can I bring into the Qantas Melbourne lounge?

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Hi everyone, I am a platinum Qantas member, flying with my family including parents and an a sibling over 18 years old. Just wondering how many guest can I bring into the International lounge in Melbourne airport, going to be hard to select, if I can only take one...Thanks in advance.


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I think they'll let everyone in your party in. Qantas is flexible like that.

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Officially, you can take one guest into an international lounge. It doesn't hurt to ask, but I'd not expect the staff to allow extra guests during peak times, and any extra guests allowed during quiet times are really a bonus. :)


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I respectfully disagree, TheRealBabushka

You're entitled to bring yourself, plus one guest. This applies to both the Business and First lounges. Your entitlements can be found at

At the discretion of the lounge staff, you may sometimes be successful in taking an additional guest in, but this is not guaranteed... Trying to take three guests in is really pushing it beyond what's reasonable, and I'd expect you to be politely declined.

You have a few options you could try:

If you're checking in at the curbside First check-in area, you could very politely ask if they could arrange it for you at that point.

Alternately... Not ideal, but you could try to guest two family members into the Business Lounge, and then leave them there... And take the third member up to the First lounge, as your guest.

Or jump online and see if you can purchase a spare "complimentary lounge pass" for the QF lounges.

Happy travels.


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Thanks for all the suggestions.

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