Best Oneworld lounges in Singapore?

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Hey Guys,

I am doing a massive status run this coming weekend seeing me fly between SYD - SIN - MEL - SIN what are the best OW lounges to use. I am a QF Plat and have 6 hours wait on the return to MEL


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I have tried the BA and Qantas lounges before. Qantas lounge wins, hands down. (For me at least.)


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You also have access to the EK lounge.  Since you have 6h to kill why not visit all three - QF, BA and EK?


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Hard to go past the QF lounge for mine.


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Qantas, by the longest of long shots. Great meals, including freshly-cooked plates of the day – great bar and drinks and bartender ('Ronaldo' is a rock star among frequent flyers, try his espresso martini) – and great staff in general!


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As most people have said, the Qantas lounge wins hands down for food and beverages. Absolutely no question...

That being said, I will often eat at Qantas and then shift to the nearby BA lounge, because it is a far more quiet and intimate space. The popular Qantas lounge is quite voluminous and can be a little like a cattle pen during busy hours, whereas I have found the BA lounge to typically be attended by softly spoken British families... a great place to get some work done, or read a book.

Alternately, as recently written up on AusBT today, you could buy a 1hr pool pass at the Aerotel aiside hotel in Terminal 1 and have a relaxing splash around in the pool.

That being said; why not use your six hour layover to experience them all! Including the disappointing Emirates lounge, to which you are also entitled entry... :-)

Happy travels!


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FYI here's the AusBT link for the Aerotel article:

A pool pass will set you back USD12 for an hour. Having a swim is a pretty cool way to kill some time at an airport!


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Food at the QF lounge then head to the BA lounge. Although I have to say the QF offerings are getting a bit too predictable.

I'm going to urge the mob not to lynch me until they've actually been there and notice that things don't change that much.



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The apex of first world problem huh TRB haha

It's sad, but I gotta confess...

After a long work trip or transit, eating a ricey beef goulash with cutlery while hunched over a shin-height table is sometimes beyond my energy levels.

I like the little pizzas and party pies in the BA lounge... Y'know? Sometimes it's just nice to have hot, simple, familiar comfort food...


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I was in the QF  Changi  lounge recently and it was fantastic, the food and service was first class and the Showers  top notch

Looking forward to returning there next week

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