When do VA give comp wine beer?

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When do VA give comp wine beer? Seems never any more.


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Between 4:00pm and 4:07pm on flights over 52 minutes in length on days where it's a full moon and if you hold your tongue to the left while balancing a glass of water on your head.

If I had one word to describe Virgin Australia, it'd be inconsistent

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From the VA website:

"In addition we also offer a selection of complimentary beer, wine, cider and soft drinks on all Australian domestic flights with a scheduled departure time between 5pm and 7pm, Monday to Friday."


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And that is why they now load up on flights departing at 4:55pm and 7:05pm


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And they still try to charge you for a soft drink during this time. 


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Are there going to take away the free beer and wine from next month? It will save them more than charging $5 for a seat which most people will not pay that extra free and will just fly Qantas

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