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CPAP use on board? Hi everyone, I'm curious to know if anyone has used a CPAP machine on board a longhaul overnight flight. Headed to Europe shortly and need to arrive pretty fresh as I head straight into meetings--and in my case, a CPAP machine will help me do that. I'm just curious about the logistics of using one in flight, if it's at all possible. Thanks!


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Hi mate. I can help you with regards to Qantas' policy.

On most airlines, you'll need to give prior notice, as line engineers on the day will setup an extension cord to your seat.

On the 747 there are 2-4 allocated seats in economy, and 5 allocated seats in business. i'm not sure about premium economy. In business, these rows are 5 and 8. So regardless of Frequent Flyer status, you will be sititng in one of these seats. On the A380, Qantas provides one seat in First.

I'm a Platnium One with Qantas, so it is a downside to travelling with the CPAP as i don't get the best seats on the plane. However, it is well worth it for long-haul flights.


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As said above, contact your specific airline with the details of your machine. Many airlines have a pre-approved list of CPAP machines, and will preseat you in the most suitable seat for the class of travel you are in. If its not on the list, the engineering department will investigate and make sure it will work on the aircraft, and is suitable for the power supply. 

Speaking for the B777 - Any of the seats in Business/First/Premium Econ where there are individual power outlets are more than capable of pluging in your CPAP machine, and there is always a power outlet for medical devices in Economy - Just not at every seat. 

Hope it helps. 


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Thanks Tom01 and benii--great advice and very useful. I'll be on Etihad in Business on their A340s and A330s. Hopefully that shouldn't be too much an issue then!


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In May 2011 I travelled (with CPAP) on Qantas A380 from Sydney to Heathrow in business class.  Because of the CPAP I was assigned seat 11K (no extension cord required, the power point was directly in front of me).

Cheers - GumbyOz

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