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G'day Folks,

So flying First/Suites in a couple of days from now, Sydney to Signapore and I'm trying to decide if i want to Book the Cook or not.  I have flown this exact flight/class few times over the years and i think it has been 50/50 chance of the inflight menu turning out better or worse than Book the Cook. 

Has anyone flown recently and can remember the mains?  Flying on the SQ232.

Apprecaite your help!


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Since SQ232 is a flight with lunch after takeoff, you definitely should go for Book the Cook and order Lobster Thermidor for you main course.

Only avoid Book the Cook if the flight serves supper after takeoff.


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I don't rate the lobster that much... many other people I know do as much as you. 

Outside of the lobster the rest doesn't sound super exciting....

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