(Maybe) Some good news for QF customers to HonoluluL

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Hey all, 

Been doing a bit of snooping of the QF website. With the introduction of daily Beijing services on the 25 or 26th, this occupies the two unrefurb A332s which have the extra galley space. So i did some thinking about what happens to the HNL route and just as I thought, QF flight bookings show that they release an A333 from some other international duty like SIN, to do the trek to HNL. These are the aircraft with the new Business class seats and economy where there isnt a 1-pixle TV. 

which leads me to my next thought... what service loses that A333 and why have QF stayed quiet about the upgrade to their QF3/4 service?



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You'll find it's mostly the Singapore services losing their A333's for A332's. That said, many of the current A333-only routes will start seeing the 332's on occasion. Apart from Singapore, I haven't noticed a straight-forward pattern. Tokyo Narita, Bangkok and Shanghai services all seem to retain their 333 only though.

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