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HI, I am travelling Finnair from Helsinki to HKG [OW emerald in J] which leaves late at night.

I would like to check in self and baggage 6 hrs prior to flight. Finnair site is unclear if this can be done. Does anyone know or have experience of this please?

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Yes, you can do it with no problems.

I did exactly this last year, arriving around 3:30pm for the 11:45pm Hong Kong flight in business class with checked baggage and was able to check it in and receive the boarding pass without issue.

The staff probably thought I was in transit from somewhere, so also politely mentioned that I'd have time to go into the city if I wanted to. :)

(I'd wanted to review all 3 Finnair lounges so arrived in ample time... I wouldn't normally get to the airport that early for an international flight, but early check-in allows you to check-out of your hotel during the day, finish up with any meetings or sightseeing during business hours and then wander to the airport to chill - and perhaps visit the sauna - before the flight.)

Some AusBT Finnair flight and lounge reviews can be found here if you're interested too. Our pick of the lounges is the international Premium Lounge which you can access as a Oneworld Emerald flyer.


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Thanks Chris. I have used the int premiun lounge and its very good. However I havnt tried the thats a maybe too.


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The AY lounges are very average, even the Emerald grade premium lounge. Food is blah, beverage offerings are average. The sauna is novel but it's not like a jacuzzi that you can stay in for hours. We were bored after 3h there. I'd suggest you get a proper supper in town before arriving at the airport. The meal inflight is also not worth staying up for. 


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My wife and I checked in early (about 09:00) off an incoming flight from Iceland (with Icelandair) for the AY flight to HKG departing close to midnight.

Took the Finnair coach into Helsinki (departs from right outside the rather compact terminal for the 45 min. trip to Central Station, buy a return ticket ). Everything is within a 20 minute walk so easy to walk around and much better than staying at the airport.
The Finnair lounge has excellent showers, and a complimentary sleep pod (which gets too hot when you close the hatch).

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