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Hi I have tried without luck to find the email address to send a status match request through to QANTAS to status match my United Airlines Gold status- could anyone please assist by providing this?


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I think you'll find Qantas aren't doing status match requests at this time. Some on the statusmatcher have reported getting a status challenge to the Qantas equivalent one tier down but these reports seem to only be from Virgin Australia and Air New Zealand card holders

You may be able to call and ask for a status challenge. You'll most likely be requested to provide last 6 months activity statement, a scan/photo of the card and upcoming flight plans. You may then be offered Gold but only after you fly 200 Status credits within 90 days all on Qantas (QF Codded) flights. 

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You have one chance of getting a QANTAS status match - none.


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If anything, Qantas need to cull members....

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