Delay vouchers - $8 for 3 hour delay?

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Hi -- don't post very often... bit of a lurker.

I was delayed on jq the other week and got an $8 paper voucher to use at the airport... It got me thinking... what do other airlines do? I seem to remember being delayed on QF a long time ago and my boarding pass then had a value attached to it at the airport. 

Interested to hear your thoughts / experiences! 

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$8 is the standard voucher amount for Virgin Australia domestic delays too - often printed as a voucher on a separate boarding pass with the passenger's name, the amount and the date of issue (could only be used on the same date), and the clause that it couldn't be used to buy alcohol.

Usually one voucher per passenger, so families could pool their vouchers together to make one larger purchase, and just pay any extra amount themselves.


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$8 would that buy anyone a meal & drink? 


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$20 for a four hour delay flying CNS to HKG on Cathay Pacific.


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I've been delayed on Qantas many times coming home from LAX and never been offered anything. I guess I've always had lounge access which has food and drinks anyway so it hasn't bothered me


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I've had a 6am Virgin flight back from NZ delayed until 3pm.

They announced the delay at 5am but were bang on with the new departure time (ie no further delay announcements). They needed a new battery which was flown in from Australia on a Qantas flight that arrived at 2pm and all I got was $8.

It wasn't a huge inconvenience as I still had the rental car and the day in Christchurch wasn't so bad.

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