Qatar A380 Economy Upper Deck

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I noticed that Qatar has an economy class at the back of the upper deck cabin on their A380. I tried to book one of these seats with my travel agent, and was told these seats are only able to be reserved 24 hrs prior to departure. Is this actually the case, or is her advice wrong?? Any advice/experience appreciated. Thanks!!


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You can book them if you have "status", e.g. OneWorld emeralds / QF Platinum can book those seats at time of reservation.  I hope this helps.


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I have Qatar Privilege Cub Gold and do seem to be able to chose these seats, which I actively do seek when flying the A380. As you might expect the smaller cabin is much more pleasant and if you can find a window seat there is a little stowage locker (although they may have stopped people using those now). Qatar don't allow FFs to chose extra-leg room seats when booking online anymore which is pretty irritating but I do still seem to be able to select a seat in this upper cabin. Having not booked through an agent before I'm not sure if they're telling you porkies. Might be worth ringing the airline yourself.

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