Recognition Upgrade Baggage Allowance

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Hi All - I've had my upgrade confirmed, Mel to Akl from a seat only ticket to business.  I was now hoping to smuggle some great Aussie wine back - but not sure if I get the business baggage allowance or allowance as per original ticket (FYI - the new ticket has business but 0 checked bags - with a note saying, your baggage allowance is as indicated above). Air NZ have not clarified this for me.  

Any experiences or thoughts? 



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Assuming you bid for your upgrade as a 'oneup' upgrade, this information from the AirNZ website would apply:

Which baggage allowance applies when OneUp™ offers are accepted?


If your Offer is accepted and you have received a OneUp Upgrade, the baggage allowance applicable to the OneUp Upgraded service class of travel specified on your upgraded ticket will apply to your upgraded sector on the services operated by Air New Zealand only. The OneUp Upgraded baggage allowance will also apply for your entire one way journey where you receive a OneUp Upgrade on the second sector of a long-haul, two sector flight. Where part of your travel is on another carrier, then that carrier’s baggage conditions will apply, refer to their websites for full details.

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OneUp and Recgonition upgrades are different things but the baggage allowance story is similar. 

You will get the business baggage allowance despite the ticket still saying 0 bags.


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Awesome - thanks guys. 

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