Best Cathay Pacific Boeing B777-300ER business class seats for a family

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I have a question regarding to Cathay Pacific's Business Class seat.

The aircraft is B777-300 ER and the seat design is the Reverse Herringbone.

When I looked at the seat map as well as the pictures of CX Business Class, it seems it is quite difficult to talk to a seatmate if we are sitting on the center pair seats.

As an information, my wife and I will be traveling with 2 young children, so if they need our assistance, we have to stand up a little bit to help them.

Should all of us take the center pair seats or mix with the window seats ?

For instance, the children are sitting on the window seats while the parents are sitting on across the aisle.

We are looking forward to hear from you. Thank you.


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I think it will be easier to assist them if you were next to them across the isle. 

So A-D or G-K


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Yeah, agreed best to get the middle aisle seats and have your children take the window seats - but you'll still have to get up or at the very least turn around to check on them. 


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We've actually flown this aircraft many times with children and we parents always took the middle 2 and put the 2 children in the window seats ie take up whole row. It is difficult to talk in the middle however easy to keep an eye on the children across the aisle - and they also enjoy the window


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Thank you so much all for your feedback which I greatly appreciate it.

We are thinking of assigning seats for our children on the same side of the cabin. Either A or K, and my wife and I will sit just across them, either D or G.

As an illustration, if our children sit on the A seats (15A & 16A), my wife and I will sit on the D seats (15D & 16D).

Just in case if I go to the loo and suddently one of our kids needs a help, my wife can easily attend to him/her without having to walk around the cabin.

What do you think ?


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I have watched a few families in business and to me the best set up is children in A and K and adults in D and E. That way, the adults can talk to each other and supervise one child each, and the children are separated. I saw a family with the kids in D and E and the kids were going nuts playing with each other over the partition (and climbing over it). 

Your 15 and 16 A and D plan is good too, although my kids would be constantly standing on the seat to talk to their sibling over the partition. 

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