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Has anyone had any experience booking flights with Business Class Club, based in USA? Their fares are about half the price of regular airlines and they say they do not use FF points, but book through the company's corporate awards programmes.


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Did you get a response to this


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I had an excellent experience with them! Me and my wife were able to get everything we needed at really good price. I have recommended the business class club to all my family and friends.


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can anyone please tell me if they encounter booking tickets from business class club based in U.S?

i want to ask are they legit organization, should i trust them or not?


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Don’t have any thing to do with them i arrived at the airport to find they had canceled my flights outbound and inbound, they got a refund and kept my money. I had to pay for new fares there and then, So far i’m

$4398:00 USD out of pocket.

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