Where are the best shops to get tailored suits made?

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Can anyone recommend good places in APAC to get good quality tailored suits made cheaply?


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Hi Dan, I took my parents to Bangkok last year and my Dad had a suit made there. But I wasn't very impressed with the quality after a few months of wear. But I think its like all things, there would be good tailors and bad tailors. My husband had a suit and some shirts made by Sams in Hong Kong and they are fantastic, Sams has a very good reputation but is a bit of a favourite with tourists as well, there would be plenty of other good ones with more of a 'word of mouth' trade.

Just give yourself plenty of time to choose the design and style and go back for two fittings and allow for any alterations. A week is more than enough for a good tailor but don't try to get a suit made from scratch during a three day trip, it's a bit of a rush and you could pay for it in the quality.


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Dan, a very long time ago I had a tailor in Singapore make me some suits and shirts - he was recommended to me by other travellers, ran a shop in Tanglin Centre (just past the end of Orchard Road, well beyond Orchard & Scott) called JustMen or some such.

It was very affordable and very worth doing - I chose a nice lightweight cotton, one jacket and two pants, two shirts. best of all (well, for a nerd like me) was choosing the cut and how many pockets were in the jacket adn where they went. I imagine these days you could specify pockets for wallet, phone, iPod etc etc.

But as Sharon (above) says you need to allow several days so this is not a rush job. Head in there as soon as you can to get them started on it. Have a clear idea of what you want, so maybe look at some suits before you go, too.

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