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Hi All, 

I have recently purchased a family trip to Singapore via Scoot and wonder if it is possible to upgrade this flight with either my available Kris Flyer miles or my United Airlines points via One World?

Also, is it even worth it, are the Scoot business seats much better.

Thanks, JR


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Both United and Singapore Airlines is Star Alliance member.

Anyway, you can't upgrade Scoot with KrisFlyer miles (let alone United), but you can keep an eye on ScootBiz sale, sometimes it's even cheaper to fly ScootBiz than seat only fare.

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Put simply you can't upgrade on Scoot with miles from any airline.

Krisflyer and United Miles can only be used to upgrade Singapore Airlines/Star Alliance booking. Neither of these airlines have any affiliation with the One World alliance.

Scoot sometimes offer paid upgrades by email before the flight or at check in but these are few and far between and can't be expected. 

You may also be eligible to up bid for an upgrade and you set the price you'd like to pay for the upgrade. The higher price you pay the more likely the upgrade is going to be confirmed. For more info Google "Bid 4 Biz Scoot".

Finally, Scoot Business class seats are more like a Premium Economy seat from another airline. Don't expect lounge access or anything fancy like that. You're simply paying for a bigger seat (with more legroom), an included meal, a few on ground perks (like Priority Checkin/Boarding) and use of a powerpoint ($5 in Economy).


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Thanks for the replies, apologies i did mean Star alliance, not One World.

I did get a reply from Singapore Air saying that i may consider to utlise your KrisFlyer miles to redeem for Scoot vouchers to offset the fare of the ticket.
As my points are not due to expire for a while i might just hold them until the next trip.


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We've got a full review of Scoot's Boeing 787 business class 'ScootBiz' here:

As you'll see, and 100% as Henrus said, it's more like premium economy than business class (although this is the norm for other low-cost airlines such as Air Asia X and Norwegian).

I've been on Scoot flights in the past where they have offered upgrades on the flight – shortly after take-off if there empty seats at the front, they'd make an announcement over the PA and you can pay a certain amount (don't recall how much but it wasn't outrageous) to bump up to ScootBiz. You could try asking at the checkin desk if there are any cash upgrades available for your flight, and also ask on board rather than wait for an announcement, as they may have spare seats for a set price but not make a cattle call over the PA.

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My sister was on Scoot last year and she said they offered Scoot Biz upgrades for $150.

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