Cancel the return flight rather than one-way ticket

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Hi everyone 

I recently was able to get a reward seat in business home from LAX - BNE for next march. Now i need to sort out the flight over there with no more reward seats that i can see, a one way business class ticket is roughy $9000 but if i buy a return ticket its about $3000 (per direction). So my question is has anyone had any experience booking Business one way then Freedom home but canceling the Freedom ticket on the way back and getting a full refund after they have taken the first flight. Or should i book the getaway ticket and just "lose" the $600 for the return ticket on a no-show.


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Your fare would probably be recalculated at the one-way price or voided, as international fare prices are based on the entire itinerary rather than segment by segment as happens with domestic flights.

As an aside, may I suggest you try searching for business class flights with Fiji Airways? These can routinely be found for ~$2,000 in each direction from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane with a transit via Nadi. The Nadi-LAX flight is always on an A330 with angled-flat beds which are comfortable enough for the price, and the leg between Australia and Fiji on either a Boeing 737 (recliners) or the same A330 (angled-flat bed), so if you can nab the A330 the entire way through, it's the best way to go!

You can't earn Velocity points with Fiji Airways but you can earn Qantas Points and status credits on an FJ flight number. (Search for flights through the Fiji Airways website to get the best price - you can often book the same through the Qantas website but it's double the price.)


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Unless you come up with better options, I would suggest you buy either the Swiss RTW fare for super cheap which will allow you to do LAX to BNE or else the Finnair RTW for 5198 incl taxes all in biz class or even cheaper if you do biz one direction and econ the other

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