Singapore Airlines business class - service carts in cabin.

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First world problems I know, but having service carts in the business class cabin is not a polished look and doesn't seem, at least with SQ, to make the service any faster,  but keen to hear other thoughts!

In the last 3 months I've flown SQ, EK and EY business class and only SQ have service carts in the cabin. 

My SQ sectors were ARN-SIN (A350 v DME) and SIN-BNE (772).

SQ had a service cart out to set up dinner service table, than again for the starter (even with only one choice of starter) and also for second drinks. This doesn't even include the cheese trolley they push around afterward too. In contrast EK have no service carts, keeping the aisle clear and service was generally smooth and efficient and EY offer full dine on demand, which from my experience works really well. 

SQ don't even dress the service carts with linen, least QF Domestic J class can put some nice linen over the service cart to make it look nicer. 

I guess overall given the level of service offered by competitors, I don't think SQ service is what it used to be, particularly in terms of Catering. Keen to hear everyone's thoughts!


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Personally I couldn't give a damn what the service carts look like as long as they're clean

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In Business  I prefer not to see the use of service carts, they always arrive when you need to pass by them. Their appearance devalues the experience of flying a more attentive Business class, even if they are draped in linen.


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The carts really don't bother me at all. I guess its a lot easier with the carts,especially when you have 60 or 86 in business, as on the A380


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The idea behind carts may be the fact that they can finish serving the meals quickly rather than over 2.5hrs (especially the person sitting in the back of the business cabin). I have seen both (individual delivery vs cart delivery). I'm not a big fan of the cart delivery either, but i have to say, i don't want to have a plate in front of me after 3 hrs from take off. Most business clients would rather enjoy their time with a movie or a port/drink or sleep. 

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