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I would like some advice for a trip to Europe which I intend to book in Premium economy. I have flown a number of times in the old BA WT Plus and also in QF Premium - Qantas being light years ahead of BA.

At this stage I am looking at the new BA cabin or Cathy Pacific – IMO Qantas has a great product but it is too expensive relative to the others.

So the question has two parts (i) has anyone flown BA WT + in the new cabin on the 777; Is the seating material better than the old product – ie more recline? Has the service improved or are you still effectively seating in the economy cabin with a club main meal and a bigger seat?

And (ii) how does the new BA product compares to the Cathy PE product and which one is better?

Very specific questions I know but I just thought I would throw it out there!

Thanks in advance.

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