Airspace by Airbus - New A320 interior!

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Hello everyone!

Airbus has recently launched Airspace by Airbus for A320. What are your thoughts?

Looks pretty cool to me! A350 interior coming to A320. Hopefully, Jetstar will get these on their A320NEOs.

Poll: Do you like the new Airspace design adapted for A320?


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Very fancy but unless it's offered as an almost standard product (like the Boeing Sky Interior now is) then I can't see many airlines investing to install it. 

Again unless it's offered for free to Jetstar, Scoot, EasyJet then I can't see any of the budget carriers installing it.

(also I'm a bit over the polls that say do you...)


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Seems like a lot of hype for some fancy lights and windows that seem bigger, but aren't.

Find a way to improve the seats in economy so they have a more comfortable, private feel and THEN I'll get excited...


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Very neat and fancy. Looks comfortable.

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