Air New Zealand – Hobart to Auckland?

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would a320 fully loaded be able to fly this route?


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1. If the Air NZ A320 can fly fully loaded from AKL-ADL, it will be able to fly full to HBR.

2. Those flights would probably never be full.
3. These flights will probably never happen or not for a while.


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Air nz flew Christchurch- Hobart with 737-200  in early 90s each Saturday.  I travelled on it and flight was full! I  think an a320 a couple of times a week from Auckland  would carry a good load particularly  if timed to connect with US bound flights.

Ansett and  TAA also operated 727s in 80s  between Hobart  and Christchurch  taking turns each week. Loads were good. Stopped due pilot strike

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