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I am looking for advice. I have booked today a multi city flight for my husband and i to fly to Paris from Sydney with our return flight from Barcelona to Singapore for a week stop over and then from Singapore to Sydney. I have booked this using the Singapore Airlines website. My husband and I decided that we would treat ourselves and book premium economy for all flights with the view to upgrade the long flights to business using our points.

Prior to booking, I checked with Singapore Airlines the availability of the upgrades for my flight preference.

Once I had completed my online booking, I rang Singapore Airlines to upgrade our seats. It was then that I was advised that my flight from Barcelona to Singapore was booked as an Economy Saver and therefor not eligible for an upgrade.

I was transferred from the frequent flyer service to the commercial bookings service. I explained to the customer service agent what I had booked and was advised that she would need to ring me back after speaking with her superior.

Her first return call was to advise that she would be happy to change my flight to premium economy at a cost of S$645 per passenger. I again advised that my booking was for Premium Economy for the full flight. She again advised that she would need to speak to her superior and would call back.

Her second return call was to advise that after speaking with her superiors that she could change our flight to premium economy but would wave the service fee each passenger would be required to pay a fee of S$345. Again I advised that I was not happy with this as I have booked and paid or a Premium Economy flight. She has tried to tell me that when booking my flights I have obviously selected a Economy saver for this segment of flight. I have tried to explain to her that this is not possible as the Singapore Airlines website does not allow me to book a Multi City Multi Fare flight.

I am now waiting for a call back from her superior which could take up to 24 hours.

I am wondering has anyone else had any dramas with Singapore Airlines when booking online?


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Did you select the fare under the Premium Economy column when in the page where it give you all the flights departure option?

Or did you select Premium Economy from the drop down list for all classes when filling in the cities in the Multi City input page?

There is a difference in these two way.

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The SQ site is a little quirky. I have know to be booking a class on multi destinations and it can, not always does show you a lesser class if the selected class is not available. Your ticket is the source of truth, so if that particular sector on your ticket shows premium economy then offer to email/fax it, they will I am sure do the right thing. All SQ tickets show the class sector by sector.

Alternatively re cost the fare at todays rate and see if you paid less or more, if you paid a lot less then it may be simpler to just pay the $345 and hassle for the upgrade as the upgrade seats wont be available for ever. I hope this helps.

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