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Hi All,

I'm likely going to be flying Shorthaul Business within Europe from Zurich on Swiss or Lufthansa in January. The Terminal A Swiss and Star Alliance lounges that appear to be used for these routes are currently closed for renovation. I've attempted to attach a screenshot to my post that I've taken from the Swiss website that states that I will be able to access Swiss' Dock E Business Lounge as an alternative as the A lounge is closed. The interesting part about the alternatives is that '(passport control)' shown in brackets which I'm assuming means it's not normally for those traveling within the Schengen zone. I'm not familiar with Zurich airport having never been there. Has anyone had any recent experience of moving between Terminal A and Terminal E, and then back again to take a flight? I'm trying to get a feel for how potentially arduous and time consuming the process may be.



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How annoying - I hope the Terminal A lounge is going before my next visit!

Terminal A is the Schengen zone terminal. Terminal B has the B& D gates and is physically attached to Term A - you can walk. Terminal E is the mid-field terminal used mainly by long haul (and not Schengen). The only way to get there is via an underground train that runs every 5 to 10 minutes, so probably not a great option. You would also have to join the hordes at passport control on the way back. So I guess the Lounge D at the B gates is an easier option, although it means passport control as you are going between Schengen/Non-Schengen gates. Have never done that so no idea if there are big lines.

Having said that, ZRH is a lovely airport, and the public areas are elegant and beautiful. Personally I would go to one of the very good bars and cafes in the centre of the airport. You are then only a few minutes walk from the A Gates. I know it’s not free as in the lounge, but it might be a less stressful option.

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