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Hi Team,

I'm just wondering what lounge access you get in sydney for flying bussiness class phil airlines , Their website says Kris Silver (singapore airlines) , but alot of the place on the net say NZ airlines lounge, any idea?


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In Melbourne it is now KrisFlyer of Singapore Airlines, which opens especially at 0630 or before on Wed, Fri and Sun for the thrice weekly PR flights during non daylight saving, and probably 0700 during daylight saving as PR210 then departs at 1000 rather than 0900.

One assumes it is the same in SYD.

Access used to be to AirNZ Koru Club but I gather that is history.

The good news is that all Sydney and Melbourne PR flights now have the renovated Airbus A333s with suites in J, and a roomy four across configuration. There's a new W (premium economy) section and economy is now down to eight across, much better than the previous awful 9 across seating. All seats now have IFE.

In summary, it's a much, much better airline with these modern, altered planes, and the onboard service and meals beat QF hands down.


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I flew PR J class last month ex SYD and it was SQ Silver Kris Lounge. The new PR business class 1/2/1 config is a giant leap forward!

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