Singapore Airlines stuffing Melbourne around.....again.

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Hi all.

I have been trying to book multiple flights with SQ (Business and First) for 2018 for weeks now using SQ217 (Sin- Melb) which shows as a A380.  It also shows as a A380 on expertflyer etc and Expertflyer etc show all seats as not being allocated.

Not all seats are available (none in first) and have been limited by the airline in business, not for a day or a week but for months on end.

SQ Melbourne have simply been told that they are blocked out, thinking it was for an future equipment change the PPS staff checked and was informed by Singapore no equipment changes were planned.

SO, SQ have blocked out sections for months and months with no available reasons on both SQ218/217.

Just seeing if anybody has heard anything about what SQ is planning on doing with its Melbourne flights?



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I haven't been on SQ218 but have travelled at least three times on SQ217 and it's always been well patronised.

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Similar deal with all 4 daily flights ~11 mths out from SIN to BNE. All business and economy is on waitlist only (premium economy is available though), no exceptions, immediately upon being listed. Flights the other direction, BNE to SIN, don't seem to have the same affliction.  SIN to SYD are fine.

Something funky is happening with the whole programme being blocked out for regular J redemptions SIN to BNE and MEL.  Not OK.


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I suggest calling the call center. When I realized my SQ217 on March 2018 was no longer on A380, I thought it's too late for me to change to the earlier SQ207 which is on the A350. But when I called up, the lady was able to change it for me without any hassle. I'm not sure if it's because of some special leeway given due to their change to the aircraft and/or my expression of disappointment, without much whingeing.

And as for my outgoing flight on SQ218 in Feb 2018, which I have to fly at that departure time, she was able to change my seat for me.
BTW my booking was a redemption on J class.

Good luck!


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Hi, I cant speak to those flight numbers, but i just booked SQ 228 (MEL-SIN) and SQ 237 (SIN-MEL) on redemption in F for flights in June 2018. No wait list, and seating was 1C 1D, both ways

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