Has anyone flown UA 787-8 lately?

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Has anyone flown UA 787-8 lately? I need to make a couple of booking within the USA for May, it's just by chance that the two legs I have selected are serviced by the Dreamliner. Im only flying economy plus. Ive only found very few reviews on the seating and the collective feedback is economy on the Dreamliner is pretty cramped and not worth flying.


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We kissed out getting onto a UA 787 at the tail end of last year and it's definitely on the to-do list for 2013 - once the 787s get back in the air, of course! I'm not surprised about poor review of United's economy seating, even in this new aircraft... if budget's right then I'd opt for Economy Plus, which is the same seat but just a big of extra legroom. The seats aren't any wider and you still have the same 3-3-3- layout though.

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