Same itinerary different FF accrual?

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I’m a velocity platinum member. I want to fly Orlando. AirNZ has an amazing offer on J. However, as you are aware, you do not get status credits on NZ-USA segment. Am i able to get status credits on the Aus-NZ sector with virgin and obtain *Alliance credits on SQ for the NZ-USA segment?

Price difference between ANZ and Qantas is around $1300


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You could make the booking with no frequent flyer membership details and then retrospectively claim the segments separately, though you may find that they've added your Velocity details to all flights when you check-in. In that case, you could ask in the lounge for the details to be changed, good luck though, I have had some trouble with this recently, the staff at the Air NZ lounge at Auckland weren't able/willing to change the details.

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