QF MEL - SIN, then EY (Operated by Jet Airways) SIN - BLR

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I am flying with QF from MEL dep at 12:25 PM and arr at SIN 5:25 PM. I then have a EY Flight (Operated by JET Airways) dep SIN at 7.15pm and arr at BLR 9.15pm.

Normally the SIN - BLR leg is a QF codeshare flight, but given it's an EY flight i'm wondering if there is anyway i can get a boarding pass issued prior to me leaving MEL - or do i have to wait until i arrive in SIN? If so, is 1hr 50mins enough time?

Any advice welcome and appreciated!



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Are they both on the same ticket or did you book them separate?

If so, because Jet airways codeshares with QF, they will definitely provide you with a boarding pass @ MEL. If they are booked separately, there is a possibility they may still be able to add it (depends on the check in agent and booking).
Worse come worse, 1:50mins is plenty of time to exit singapore, pick up bags and go to the counter to check in.
EY owns a significant share of 9E (jet airways) ownership, but SIN-BLR is 9E metal.


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Singapore is one airport (and the only one that I am aware of) where you don't have to care about that.

If you don't have a boarding pass, go to a transfer desk and get one issued for you.

They will also collect your checked luggage and transfer it to your connecting flight, even if your airline only checked your bags on the leg to Singapore.

All these services are free of charge.

You don't need to go through the customs - just find the nearest transfer desk in Changi.

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Thanks for feedback - appreciated. I booked on separate tickets - and unfortunately it's not codeshare with QF. Based upon above it sounds like i can go to transfer desk at Changhi to get things sorted. I won't have to collect baggage either (will have carry on) so should help as well.


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I just did similar flight but from SIN I was codeshare QF on Jet Airways.

Carryon on will greatly help as your QF flight will land in Terminal 1 and Jet Airways leaves Terminal 3. This is either an marathon walk or Skytrain from 1 to 2 then Sky train 2 to 3.

Beware on your return flight if your Jet Airways is delayed. Ours was, we were met on ground by Changi staff asking if we were on connecting QF flight and told to wait. They made us wait for a good 5-10 mins and we assumed it was for a golfcart/gopher then they told us that we wouldn't be able to get to gate in time but if we wanted to run we could. OMG I have never sprinted so fast with my carryon on. I made it to QF gate a wreck and boarding should have been closed but they were still expecting me as they had seen my flight land late. My luggage even made it onto plane!

If your Jet Airways flight is late just run if you have a short transfer. Qantas will wait for you. Changi staff want to keep their stats/KPIs looking good and tell you not to.

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