Do Any Chip'n'PIN Cards Work Overseas

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Writing from the USA let me clarify that whilst chip readers are common now in the USA, they are almost all chip and signature. Only rarely is one asked for a PIN--a few national chains may and sometimes they are asked of holders of Canadian credit cards. All terminals have swipe functionality if chip use is an issue for whatever reason.


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credit card readers for petrol (gas) in the US won't accept AUS cards as they're expecting a 5 digit pin

Add a zero at the end of your Australian postcode (billing address) and this'll work.


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Australian issued chip and pin cards will work in most countries, but you will however run into problems in the UK and also France. This is because these countries use an older standard where chips issued there, and hence the expectation of chip readers, is that the pin is stored on the chip (rather than online). Not finding the pin on the chip, the readers revert to signature. The easiest way around this is to use payWave or Apple Pay, the latter which doesn’t have a transaction limit. This issue doesn’t apply to atms which always check pin online.

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