QFF Gold & Platinum membership for your partner

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Earlier this year after passing 2400 SC's I gifted my partner QFF Gold, believing at the time I wouldn't make it to P1 before the end of my calendar year.

Since the double status bonus however it looks like I will just make P1, and therefore qualify to gift her Platinum status instead.

Is there any way I can change who I gifted Gold to so that the bonus wasn't wasted? Are Qantas lenient in this regard?
Has anyone had a similar experience to this before? 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
Thanks, M


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It used to be the case that Partner Gold could only be given to your spouse as well.

You could try asking QF about it (no harm in asking), but I doubt they'd be lenient on this.


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You dont get to gift 2 cards to two different people so the person that got gold would normally get the Platinum.

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Yep what SMM said, common sense really


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You can definetly gift a Gold (at 2400) and an additional Platinum (at 3600) partner - those above are both wrong. I'm not sure how lenient Qantas will be though!

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