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I am visiting HKG next week for 6 days and will be making some reasonable expenditure throughout the trip for various reasons.

In my wallet, I have the Qantas Amex Ultimate card, and the Qantas Premier (Platinum) card.

For those of you on AusBT who have both cards and spend overseas, which do you think provides the best combination of points earn, good exchange rate, and minimising transaction fees?


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If you do choose to use the Premier Platinum card, make sure you always opt to pay in HKD if given a currency choice: if you opt to pay in AUD, you'll only earn points at the 'Australian' earn rate (not the higher 'foreign currency' rate), and will still be charged the 3% international transaction fee. The business you're paying will also add their own margin into the HKD:AUD exchange rate if you pay in AUD at the point of sale (costing you more and getting you less), so always, always pay in HKD, haha.

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