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I am flying out of Delhi shortly, which I have done several times before, in business class as Qantas Platinum. I am flying on Jet Airways with a QF flight number, assuming the Emirates lounge is open, would I have access to that lounge? The other lounges that Jet Airways uses aren’t very good and can only assume that the Emirates lounge is considerably better (although that may not be the case). Much appreciated TB


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Most likely not.

You are flying Jet Airways and will have a Jet Airways boarding pass.

Unless somehow EK admits Jet passengers to it's lounge (and it doesn't appear to) you will not have access to it.

I don't think your codeshare ticket will matter at all here.

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Emirates' lounge rules require passengers be booked on either a QF or EK flight number, on a Qantas- or Emirates-operated flight, so a QF flight number on a Jet Airways flight doesn't qualify.


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Thanks for that, appreciate the responses.


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Lounges in india are super basic, even if you get one, the excitement will die away quickly. As an indian who travels to india quite a bit, the idea of lounge is to get a decent drink (beer or spirits, won't get any great wines) or a decent meal (indian). Internet is normally slow and lounges are crowded.


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the 9W lounge at Delhi is very, very basic, open air next to the food court....@Mumbai much better with the GVK lounges, I highly rate them

I do Delhi\Mumbai every month, sometimes you can get into the EK lounge at Delhi, I'm Plat1 - sometimes it works, sometimes not, and depends on who is on the door.....


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Agree with all, the lounges are terrible. I usually delay going to the airport until as late as possible.

Thanks daniesut, will give it a go trying to get into the Emirates lounge next time, with no real expectations of gaining entry, it can't hurt.



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There is an Irish pub in Delhi airport that’s not awful. I’d just use that...

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