Virgin Shame on Wheel Chair availability

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I have had an appalling experience with Virgin today and I hope management read this. My parents are flying from Hobart via Melbourne to Perth today and as being very frail i pre ordered wheel chairs for both as they are 85 and 81 years of age.

The time frame of change over in Melbourne was approx 1 hour but with a late arrival from Hobart it shortened this time. My parents were advised that no wheel chairs were available to take them from gate 6 to gate 12 when they arrived off the plane. No small hike for the fittest. I phoned the Virgin call centre, gave my FF gold number and finally a staff member took my call. Now all i was asking for was for someone to phone the relevant authorities at Tullamarine and ensure there would be 2 x wheelchairs go to gate 6 and take my parents to gate 12. The guy on the phone said he couldn't do anything unless i had their res number and the day the flights were booked - which i didn't have on hand. After putting on hold for 10 minutes he came back and said he couldn't do anything for me unless i had a res number. How bloody stupid is that. The prospect of my parents possibly missing the plane because he was so arrogant that he wouldn't make this simple request happen for the sake of 2 elderly flyers. Am i seriosly unusual to think that s just crazy.



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I am not sure why members have down-voted the post from the OP, as it is a legitimate gripe. The VA website mentions that it can be booked online or through the GCC, so the call centre should have processes in place. To me it sounds like a poor experience for the OP's parents, hoping that VA are compassionate in how to assist them.


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Just appalling Customer Service, I'm sure Virgin have walkers and more than 2 wheel chairs at Melbourne Airport. Total failure.


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They have more than two wheelchairs, as I often see them abandoned in the T4 carpark at MEL. I suspect this was a privacy issue. Just as I can't call up your bank and check on your bank balance - you can't call up VA and modify or add to your parents' booking (in this case, wheelchair). Some contact centre staff are too weak to say this so will just blow you off for a while and say "no, sorry".

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