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  • Sounds like a case of HUACA unfortunately. If it has been ticketed the upgrade request should go through.

  • Generally yes that is the case. Is your flight ticketed yet? If it hasn't been you will find this the main reason as to why you haven't received your upgrade.

  • Originally Posted by gjspectre Originally Posted by David Originally Posted by gjspectre I have also noticed any Virgin article is very quickly shunted down the chain and into a smaller tile icon very soon after its uploading. For example the article re Virgin opening their the club lounge in Mel...

  • QF fares BNE-MEL

    May 27, 2020, 05:20 PM

    Normally airlines do have compassionate fares, but only available by calling the airline direct. Have you attempted to call QF to see if they can offer you such fare?

  • When is your accounts status anniversary date?

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