• I am sure it will be confirmed here, but the majority of the recent DSC promotions have limited the eligibility to QF flights only.If you are negotiating to get DSC on your BA flight, you are out of luck

  • My in-laws flew LHR-DXB-BWN-PER nearly 10 years ago now. Cheap J fare so they were happy. They had an enforced layover in BWN for about ~18 hours or so as the Sultan commandeered their aircraft. They weren't fussed but interesting nonetheless

  • There are other simple ways, do you shop online at places like eBay?

  • Unless being granted entry by CoS or being guested, why would there be QP members in the lounge anyway?

  • The actual photo is of the -300, which is the features the fully refurbed Y product. The -200 which is the variant that features on most of the 330 operated domestic flights currently has 3 different Y products (iPad, EBG/L, and Seat back IFE).

  • I have had this situation previously flying domestically. My experience is that the pass became available again for use.

  • Originally Posted by Pilotkid73 Hello All,Let me make 2 things clear.1) We always get into the Dubai lounge when we do the stop over.2) The problem is when you depart Rome or Frankfurt to start your trip home.Both these flights have a QFcode. QF 8046 28-OCT-2019 FRANKFURT/DUBAI and QF ...

  • Originally Posted by Matt2 Nil. I'm sure you made your issues known during your flight and they did what they could to accomodate. Aren't there protections under Australian consumer law that would be relevant in a situation such as this?

  • Originally Posted by Rufus1 That's pretty poor if you've paid for it. Contrast Lufthansa, which if you've paid for an upgrade, is happy to give you Miles & More award and status miles at the business rate. I think a clarification is required here. I am sure if the OP had changed the fare fro...

  • Ryanair- Can it be done?

    Jun 24, 2019, 02:09 PM

    I've flown FR and have survived to tell the tale. If it is the most convenient option, how much of a time saving does it provide?