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I’m VA Platinum. Just booked a SAS flight BNE-SIN-CPH-AMS return. All flights on the itinerary have SK flight number on them except SIN-BNE.

BNE-SIN-CPH is SQ metal.
1. Would i be able to get VA points/status credits on the SQ legs?
2. Would i be able to get KrisFlyer on the CPH-AMS legs separately by not adding any FF number on the booking and retroactively claiming them?


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In theory, you could leave your frequent flyer numbers off all the bookings and get a retro claim for the final booking.

Anything that is SQ Operated and marketed will earn VA Points and Status and anything that is not won't earn anything with VA.

If you leave a frequenrt flyer number off the booking then you'll be able to retro claim at a later date. Show you card along the way and you should get the following perks.

In Brisbane, you'll be eligible for Priority Checkin (use the Business class lane), Priority Baggage (show your card), A Security Express card (show your card at checkin) and Priority Boarding (show your card to staff around the gate and they'll direct you to the right lane, In Brisbane Gold/Platinum typically boards with PPS and Business all from the one lane at the same time.

Assuming your connecting directly through Singapore the only benefit you'll get is priority boarding (listen out for calls for "Krisflyer Elite Gold" and board when they do).

You should also get lounge access in Brisbane and Singapore by showing your card at the lounge. In Brisbane, they'll just scan your boarding pass and glance at your card but in Singapore, they might type the number into the system. (Officially Velocity Partner lounge access is based on status and operating carrier but I don't know how well this actually holds up).

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