What's the deal with Windows Phone 7?

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What's the deal with Windows Phone 7? Has anyone outside of gadget reviewers actually used it?

It reminds me a bit of the first Xbox. Microsoft are coming way late to the party, the cool kids are leaving and a few people are going to make the mistake of getting stuck with it!

So what reason is there to get it, when there's other tried and tested options already on the table? (Don't get me started on the name either...it should be Windows 7: Phone!!!)


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Hi Erik, and welcome to AusBT!

I've not had extensive use of one, hopefully someone else her can chime in on that. I've played with the HTC and it's very nice - for the moment though the only one on the local market with a QWERTY keyboard (if that's your thing) is from LG.

I like the UI - nice to have actual information on the screen instead of just an app launcher, which is what the iPhone gives you. But there's no doubt that Microsoft is coming from well behind in this market against Apple, Android and even RIM's BlackBerry (although some would doubt that third enty I reckon RIM remains a solid contender).

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