Seat allocation release time on Thai Airways

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Hi, Does anyone know if Thai Airways has a certain time that the seat allocation is opened up for all travellers? Like Qantas has at T-80 hours? I have a business trip coming up and there are no seats available apart from the seat I have been allocated, on both of the outbound legs. The return legs have plenty of seats opened up. My outbound flights are in D class and the return legs are in J class. Could this be making a difference? Does Thai have a T-80 policy as well?

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In my experience no, you'll have to wait until check-in at the airport and sweet-talk the agent.

I've tried emailing in advance without success
I don't know if Thai or Star Alliance status makes a difference (I have none).

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I've never had any problems selecting seats a few weeks before in Y class online, I am thai orchid silver perhaps that is it? Although from my memory I was able to do it each time prior to getting silver.

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