Redeeming QF points on Cathay J class - what's happening

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For the past five years my wife & I have successfully redeemed QF points in J class on Cathay for travel to Europe early June (either Heathrow, Paris, Frankfurt). Always made bookings nearly twelve months in advance ie as soon as Cathay released seats, which has been at least a week further in advance of the QF release date.  This year there has not been anything from Cathay J class to London for a month (only economy) & Paris dried up 26 days ago. Does anyone have any inside knowledge as to what the reasoning could be?

Michael Kao

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I don't have any inside knowledge but knowing that CX is restructuring AM from Jun 22, it might have something to do with it. AFAIK, even for AM members, you have to pay higher rate if you want 360 days out. The standard award will only be released at T-352. So I doubt partners will have access at T-360 when they don't even release it to AM member at standard rate.


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I don't have inside knowledge and I doubt anyone with that kind of information would post publically on here.

But generally if the airline knows they can sell the seats they'll release less award space. On a side note British Airways and Finnair have a fair amount of Business class award space from Hong Kong to Europe so I might be worth a look at that.


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We have had trouble this year as well. We normally use our QF points to get to Hong Kong in the July school holidays for our family of 4 and had never had trouble finding for the four of us from PER. This year though only two seats have been coming up the whole time. We ended up booking with Singapore, but are still hopeful that they release the seats closer to the day which apparently Cathay sometimes do. If they do come up we will cancel the Singapore flights and use Cathay.


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you would never travel BA business class 8 across is just the start of a poor version of business.

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