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I thought I'd share my recent very positive experience with the Australian Airline Customer Advocate, given that I don't think I've seen it mentioned on AusBT, and it may be of interest to the readership. I had a disagreement with QFF over my points balance - they claimed that points had been refunded but not re-deducted when I changed a redemption booking, which was never reflected in my account. Trying to have this resolved through the QFF service centre was somewhat frustrating - everyone was very pleasant, and acknowledged the apparent discrepancy, but no progress was ever made towards its resolution.

Within three weeks of lodging a complaint through the advocate's very simple web form (, the points have reappeared in my account. This may have happened anyway, of course, but the timeframes lead me to suspect it wouldn't have without the advocate's intervention. Their services are available for most aspects of a customer's experience with any of the major Australian airlines (QF, JQ, VA, TT and ZL) - worth a try if other avenues are proving fruitless.


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This is possibly one of the best kept secrets out there for the frequent business traveller.


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Just going to add another happy camper who has used this service.

Missing RJ activity from my QFF account and after three attempts to have QFF credit the activity, each waiting the 28 days between, I involved the Airline Customer Advocate and the activity was credited three weeks after lodging.

Very impressed. Very simple on-line system to claim.

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