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I'm thinking of getting the new high speed train from Kowloon West Station to Guangzhou South Station
Can anyone please recommend a good Hotel ?
I'm a self funded traveller so will be paying for the Hotel myself .It doesn't need to be 5 Star
I also wondered whether it was worth staying near Guangzhou South Station or best to get the Subway to another area


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Wouldn't recommend anything less than 4 star when travelling in China really. The high speed train station is in the middle of nowhere so make sure you book somewhere in city centre.


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Slightly different but 2 years ago stayed at really good hotel opposite Guangzhou East Station and got high speed train direct to Hong Kong from there.

There is an incorporated subway station underneath the Guangzhou East Station and also a Bus Station in the hub.

Shopping centre & Supermarket across the road.

Jianguo Hotel Guangzhou 172 Linhe Road Central Guangzhou, 510610

Free WiFi (thru the firewall), great breakfast etc.

We booked thru getaroom but best you suss prices out yourself.

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From direct personal experience, I found the Guangzhou Sofitel to be excellent. In the middle of the 'new' city with extremely well appointed rooms and affordably priced for a 4 - 4.5 star hotel. Don't be surprised when they take a photocopy of the front page of your passport. In-house Wi-Fi is also reliable.

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