QantasLink Q400 Premium Tagged Hand Baggage

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Has anyone ever had the rules of premium tagged hand luggage explained by QantasLink staff? Is that the only carry-on bag that's allowed (despite being stowed in the cargo hold), or are you also allowed to carry another smaller bag into the cabin?

Qantas rules state only a single piece of carryon luggage for Dash8 services, however it's not clear how this applies to premium tagged bags. As a result I've always erred on the side of caution and checked my otherwise carry-on sized bag as I generally have my laptop as well in my backpack.
Any thoughts / feedback is greatly appreciated.


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I take the Q400 a lot and never been an issue, I take one backpack with laptop and a carry on small bag with wheels which they tag premium and you just leave at the stairs as you board and collect from the stairs when you leave, it can save you a lot of time, particularly at airports where they load the plane with luggage whilst out there and don’t bring incoming bags to the terminal until they have finished.


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I would agree with GBRGB and often premium tag my cabin bag, although i am mindful of the weight and always check it in if over about 8.5kg (have had it weighed twice at the domestic check in at Sydney International before getting the transfer bus). My local check in staff know I check the weight of the bag at home and trust me. I then carry small laptop bag onto plane. Not sure if being platinum helps as well.

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