• Thought they could have done something for points club and particularly points club plus and increased SC earn to full rate using the classic plus option as this actually devalues the benefit considerably.

  • Surely it’s time Cairns International Airport got itself some sort of business lounge, the days of it being a leisure only destination are long gone and more demand for business class is clearly evident. 

  • If you can just join and leave whenever you want why would anyone pay for anything else, got a bit of travel coming up join and get the benefits, not flying for a few months just cancel your subscription and start again when you have a bit of travel coming up, most people with a regular QC member...

  • Some SME’s may consider Virgin but for most businesses their offering fails on many levels, limited destinations and schedules, pitiful options for lounges compared to QF and limited international options as well, once most companies and therefore their employees are all invested in a parti...

  • If you drink alcohol the value is infinitely more, if you don’t then better off finding a cafe in the terminal, much better value against the quality of food in the QC, one can only eat so much processed ham.

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  • Qantas Baggage Police

    May 21, 2024, 08:19 AM

    Love to see Qantas enforcing the bag rules across the board, maybe next they could start enforcing the second carry on small bag which is meant to go at the pax feet, but seldom does, I am sick of watching selfish pax stuff a roller, plus a backpack and box of donuts in the overhead locker.

  • I thought we lowly golds had been punted from the priority line a while ago, I remember seeing something on here about it, hence I have changed to be last man on these days, loving it, it’s what we did for years, don’t know how getting on the plane first became a priority really.

  • Going to make the 80 hour rule a bit of a lottery with more pax having to use it.

  • One option is to transfer points to her, enough to buy a gift card, they are 25% off currently in the Qantas store.

  • Check-in and Q Club Rant

    Dec 10, 2023, 09:41 AM

    Happens at most regional airports around the country, been putting up with it for years, have even been kicked out of a regional lounge whilst it closed for an hour between flights, it’s when staff had their break.

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