Air New Zealand Auckland Lounge - access on arrival?

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Hi all. I'm flying business class on VA to Auckland next week (before the cutoff). Does anyone know if Air New Zealand allows lounge access upon arrival? Google, their website and messaging them hasn't been very helpful. Thanks.


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Nope. not as far as I know


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Air NZ doesn't offer arrival lounge access to anyone.

Travelers with same day return flights like AKL-CHC (8am) then CHC-AKL (5pm) used to use the lounge upon arrival with the boarding pass from their later flight however they've gotten quite strict about only using their lounges 4 hours prior to departure (Auckland international tends to be a bit more flexible about this).


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There is no possible way to access the lounge on arrival since it's airside after immigration and security.

Arriving passengers go straight through customs and immigration so have no physical access like every other international lounge in the Australasian area and 99% worldwide - hence the reasons a few airlines globally do have specific arrivals lounge that can be accessed before you clear immigration on arrival.

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