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  • The DFO as Dan22 Mentioned is an option, alternatively, find a corner of the lounge, a bartender who looks friendly, and a book.

  • School trip - access money

    Mar 02, 2020, 10:46 AM

    Originally Posted by aniljak My 17 year old son is travelling to France in March for 3 week school tripWhat is the best way for him to take access spending money?Doesn't have a credit card. Has a Bank of Melbourne Visa debit card I'd get him an Up Bank account, completely digital, no FX fees othe...

  • Qatar Airways SYD Connection

    Feb 17, 2020, 01:41 PM

    Based on this: Check in at Brisbane. And ask. Plan for them to not be checked through. Be pleasantly surprised if they are.

  • Originally Posted by KateD Does anyone know the earliest I can check-in with luggage for the Emirates flight pm to Dubai? I travel so rarely these days I want to spend as long as possible enjoying the QF 1st lounge on probably my last opportunity as plat. :( Should be three hours, unless you're f...

  • Originally Posted by anonymous It might be just me but think what they have offered is reasonable even if a little inconvenient. I'm with Anonymous on this one, their contract with you is to get you there, and because of the nature of travel, timelines are almost never guaranteed. In this case, ...

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