TV shows to 'binge view' during flights

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"COME FLY WITH ME" I don't know if its on airlines but its the two "Little Britain" guys and it's bloody hilarious


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Ray Donovan

Sons Of Anarchy


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Motherland - only one series so not a binge per se, more an amuse-bouche. BBC2, awkward comedy about some rich tossers. Recommended If you like Camping, Getting On, Nighty Night or Chris Morris.


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Thankfully Netflix now allows downloading... I just binged the last season of House of Cards ... very confusing, disjointed and somewhat a let down compared to prior seasons ... but good to get it down!


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Some on Qantas, some to download before you go:

Billions - 3 seasons (currently available on QF)

The Fall

Line of Duty - 3 or 4 seasons


The Night Manager

Maigret (QF)

Tin Star (QF)

The Sinner ( First season on QF)

So many shows, so few opportunities on a jet!

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Netflix - Godless is great, just returned to Syd from London and with only 7 one-hour long episodes it was the perfect length. Best western series I've seen since Lonesome Dove

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