• A Sydney base for crew on the 787 is opening well before the 747's are completely phased out, but as yet no proposed flying from the base has been announced.

  • 789 is significantly limited in its payload capability from DFW-MEL thus it would have to return via BNE or SYD if operating MEL-DFW-MEL.

  • Emirates current shortage of Pilots may also be a contributing factor in some service reductions.

  • Even full the 787 will only carry 236 passengers each way from PER to LHR and back. If, say, 150 of those passengers actually originate or return to MEL, that's less than 1000 passengers per week (assuming 3 return services). Currently the A-380 in a poor week probably carries 500 return eac...

  • 36 hours in Munich - suggestions?

    Feb 27, 2019, 03:35 PM

    Do a segway tour with City Segway Tours - Munich You'll learn how to ride a segway (if you haven't done it before), see plenty of the city, be informed in the funniest possible way and have a lot of fun.If you're lucky you'll get Tex as your guide!

  • Some on Qantas, some to download before you go:Billions - 3 seasons (currently available on QF)The FallLine of Duty - 3 or 4 seasonsMarcellaThe Night ManagerMaigret (QF)Tin Star (QF)The Sinner ( First season on QF)So many shows, so few opportunities on a jet!

  • Originally Posted by bl5965 : I don't think you're quite right - according to the newsroom, the first four will be based in Melbourne, and the next four will be based in Brisbane :)Might need to half-retract that 'told you so'!The aircraft are to be based in Melbourne and Brisbane but the crew ar...

  • Originally Posted by John Phelan : And from a staffing perspective, half of the 787 tech and cabin crew will be based in BNE. (The other half in MEL.) Tech crew will be based in Perth (initially), then Melbourne and Brisbane.Cabin crew will be based in Melbourne (for LAX and some Perth - Londons...