• Although now recently retired, I have spent the last 35 years as a very regular traveller. There are a few things that I found made a great hotel room: A large comfortable bed and (ideally) a selection of hard, soft and thick/thin pillows, Quiet air conditioning that holds a consta...

  • Yes, Victorville (not Vacaville) has an average rainfall of less than 4 inches!Vacaville is a little less than 100km north-east of San Francisco. Victorville is 180km by road (North-east) from LAX.

  • If you scan around airport you'll see another close to the runway 21 threshold. The other two are in LAX.

  • Where there's a significant premium market, the A380 can thrive through marketing it's First and Business cabins. When international travel finally revives, the return of the 380 will depend on the demand for premium seats. One would think that is still at least a couple of years away, if at all.

  • Northbound the DRW-LHR leg would require more than 200T or 250,000lt of fuel to be uplifted in DRW. That will take at least 60 to 80 minutes depending on the capabilities of the refuelling system. 90 minutes from parking the brakes to pushback will be a minimum northbound but probably achievable ...

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  • Arrival process in WA

    Oct 24, 2020, 09:28 AM

    A friend who's a Qantas crew member advised that it took well over 2 hours to 'clear' arrival procedures recently. They were arriving from Sydney. I suspect they have to follow the same process as pax so I would suggest you allow a couple of hours to get out of the airport.

  • 36 hours in Munich - suggestions?

    Feb 27, 2019, 03:35 PM

    Do a segway tour with City Segway Tours - Munich You'll learn how to ride a segway (if you haven't done it before), see plenty of the city, be informed in the funniest possible way and have a lot of fun.If you're lucky you'll get Tex as your guide!

  • Some on Qantas, some to download before you go:Billions - 3 seasons (currently available on QF)The FallLine of Duty - 3 or 4 seasonsMarcellaThe Night ManagerMaigret (QF)Tin Star (QF)The Sinner ( First season on QF)So many shows, so few opportunities on a jet!

  • Originally Posted by bl5965 : I don't think you're quite right - according to the newsroom, the first four will be based in Melbourne, and the next four will be based in Brisbane :)Might need to half-retract that 'told you so'!The aircraft are to be based in Melbourne and Brisbane but the crew ar...

  • Originally Posted by John Phelan : And from a staffing perspective, half of the 787 tech and cabin crew will be based in BNE. (The other half in MEL.) Tech crew will be based in Perth (initially), then Melbourne and Brisbane.Cabin crew will be based in Melbourne (for LAX and some Perth - Londons...

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