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Hi all, I will be travelling to WA from the NT. Have been given an exemption with modified quarantine requirements.

My question is what is the arrivals process at Perth airport like now? Do I need to wear a mask, be interrogated by police things like that. If anyone knows please lmk.


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I flew QF into Perth from Melbourne nearly two weeks ago. We landed at T3 and were funnelled through customs & immigration. Here's what to expect:

- You will need to wear a mask. If you aren't wearing one, or are wearing one incorrectly, you will be given a new mask and instructed on how to fit it. It will have to be a surgical type mask, cloth masks will not be accepted.

- You will next be required to wash your hands.

- Have your paperwork ready. You will be called forward to a desk where you're paperwork will be reviewed. Make sure you point out that you have modified quarantine requirements, otherwise the police officer you're dealing with may just glance at your G2G pass and inform you that you're being bussed to a hotel for 14 days with everyone else.

- Arrivals are required to be COVID tested with 48 hours of arrival, and then again on day 11.

- If your modified quarantine requirements allow you to avoid the 14 day hotel quarantine you will be escorted by a police officer to the onsite medical section and you will be required to submit to a COVID test before being released into the community. You should get your result within 24 hours.

- If you're not staying in a quarantine hotel expect to be called and/or visited by the local police in order to check that you're sticking to the conditions of your exemption.


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I did it on Sept 2 (QF Brisbane to Perth) and while I agree in the main with jaokeefe, we didn't have to wash hands, rather we sterilised and I had no problem about the quarantine, as I was self-quarantining so had to make my own way to my chosen accommodation.

As we were coming from Brisbane the only Covid test was on day 11.

One thing I'd recommend is to stay near the gate once you're off the plane as you'll likely be one of the first called through to the border control and therefore save you a little bit of time waiting, as the whole process, once landed, took about 2 hours.

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A friend who's a Qantas crew member advised that it took well over 2 hours to 'clear' arrival procedures recently. They were arriving from Sydney. I suspect they have to follow the same process as pax so I would suggest you allow a couple of hours to get out of the airport.


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I know this fairly late but for anyone else who reads this so common things from my 2 visits are;

  • Mandatory face covering as soon as you exit the plane (Passengers and Crew),
  • For my flights being both QF849 (The flight you would have travelled in if you flew with Qantas) arrived at gate 20 at Perth terminal 4 I think? The international section where the transit lounge for QF 9 is,
  • Expect a wait time of up to 3 hours depending on prior arrivals before being processed,
  • Expect to sit and talk to a police officer for up to 45 mins. May be shorter for you but because if my exception category there was quite a few questions that needed to be answered.

Overall while time consuming there is nothing to worry about, just be patient and make sure you sit near the front and wait near the doors for when it’s your flights turn to be processed.

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