Complimentary extra legroom seats or a glitch in system?

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Am a keen Melbourne Demons Supporter in the AFL and just had a peep at the QF website and saw their WA promotion (economy one way from $199.)

I have all but booked it. Here's my question.

I selected QF475 MEL-PER DEP 1135 on 16/5/2019 and QF476 PER-MEL DEP 1235 on 18/5/2019

I am able to select a red-e-deal each way which comes to a total of $398... However, I selected extra legroom seats for both sectors, which advised me of the $60 sector charge, which will increases the total $518, however!

When I get to the payment page the total reduces back to $398. Is this QANTAS giving me free extra legroom seats or a glitch? I am only a Silver QFF/Qantas Club member so I do not understand, am I getting special treatment here or is this a glitch?


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It's almost certainly a Glitch. Book it, see what happens.

Worst case, you have to go back in and re select and pay for the seats

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Happened to me yesterday. Selected seats while booking and when I checked my booking there were none selected. Repeated the process and still nothing. Third time it worked though. These were just regular seats.

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Originally posted in a duplicate thread - moved here to avoid double-up. (Please do not create multiple threads about the same or similar things.)

Has this ever happened to anyone else here?

Early this morning booked return flight. Selected extra legroom seat for 1 leg and for some reason this could not be paid for during booking. You have to do it after.

Anyhow, went to manage booking and saw that NO seats were selected for me but luckily the extra legroom seat that I wanted on 1st leg was still available.

I selected it, paid for it, logged out off Off, looked at bank statement (And noticed a debit for selected extra legroom seat.)

Logged back in to QFF, looked at booking and to my utter shock still.....No seats selected.

Went straight to useless chat popup and idiot on other end said no record of transaction, despite my bank showing the opposite. Frustrated with him/her I called QFF team and they told me that the money that I SAW debited is just a "hold" and that it will drop back off into my account. Struggled to believe that person's rubble I called my bank and found that this transaction was not a hold or a pre auth and was an actual transaction. Immediately rang qantas back and next man was buzzing with confidence telling me that it was a hold and that it would drop off. Banking Assistance not available till 8am so silly me forked out more money to secure that extra legroom seat.

Just got off phone with westpac fraud department and have been advised that both charges were real charges meaning Qf have charged me twice for the same thing and all 3 previous QFF consultants werw full of BS.

Just rang back to demand a refund and QFF consultant maintains that something had gone wrong. "Appreciates that I've spoken to my bank about this," but still maintains that one of the charges will "drop off" within the next 72 hours. Short argument followed by awful comment. "I can understand that the general public gets upset when they see that 2 debits have been taken, but I can completely assure you that one of the charges will drop off within 72 hours. "Although you are right I am indeed a member of the general public, I also happen to choose to fly qantas." I followed that up with a request to send me a personal email advising me of this.

Then finally I asked him "Does this happen often?

"All the time, "he advised me.

So ladies and gentlemen of the QFF public, does this nonsense actually happen all the time or am I being taken for a ride?


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I've worked for three airlines (two of which are Amadeus users like QF) and I can tell you, it happens ALL the time.

The back end payment for seat selection issues an electronic voucher called an EMD. So many things can cause EMD issuance to fail on both the airline side and the customer side.

My last airport had 5000 departing customers a day (on my airline). I had this conversation about 5 - 10 times a day.

The card gets authorised, the transaction fails, but the funds are not debited.


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Thanks X,

I CAN tell you for SURE that it was INDEED debited. I have paid for 2 X extra legroom seats but have only selected one. QF therefore owe me 1X extra legroom seat refund am i right?

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