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Hi all,

I am due to fly on Emirates flight Singapore to Melbourne and have booked a chauffeur-drive pick up. (First class ticket) I'm planning to take 1 large suitcase, my carry on suitcase and a bike (in box 134 x 24 x 75cm). Their website advises: Only adult passengers are entitled to Chauffeur-drive service and one adult is entitled to one car. Maximum capacity per sedan is two adults, with a total luggage limit of two suitcases plus one carry-on bag.

Has anyone had any experience taking more than the prescribed allowance, or even bringing a packed bike with the chauffeur service? Capacity wise, this will fit in the cars they typically use, I'm more interested to hear any experiences you may have had where they've refused to take luggage outside of the prescribed limit - or it hasn't been an issue. Thanks.

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I think it's fair to say that the luggage description is really just there as a guide, and in many cases, the chauffeur company will contact you before travel day to ask how much luggage you're bringing along so that they can assign an appropriate vehicle.

If you have any concerns, in Singapore, Emirates uses SIXT, and in Melbourne, Brunel, to provide the chauffeur service - you could always do a quick Google search for those companies and call them to discuss your options.


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Awesome tip, thanks Chris!


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No doubt it depends also on the country to which you are using the service and the type of cars. Our best experience was this year in Rome. We were a party of two with some large suitcases and the cars could not accommodate all of them.

So we went in one car our luggage in another..gotta love that type of service.
Singapore we know have quite large cars but in all our chauffeur drives they have never queried our luggage. Even though we are asked to provide how many upon booking.


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You should receive a call from Emirates couple of days before leaving and you can discuss it with them. We explained our situation last time and they were very accommodating.

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