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  • You should receive a call from Emirates couple of days before leaving and you can discuss it with them. We explained our situation last time and they were very accommodating.

  • I would second the social media option. Try Jetstar Facebook page.

  • Qantas 'volunteer' program

    Dec 09, 2018, 02:27 PM

    Here's a thought. Why not some of the executives act as volunteers? This will show Qantas' commitment to genuinely spreading the Christmas cheers.

  • We ordered a big vehicle during last holidays both from Qantas and Emirates and they were happy to accommodate us. We got a Merc van tbough.

  • Did you get downgrade before or after getting boarding pass issued? The article mentioned that some people were told about it at the gate. How can you argue at that time? Especially on 2nd leg.

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