EK chauffeur drive requesting extra seat

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Has anyone had experience requesting a larger vehicle from Emirates for their chauffeur drive service?

I have a few flights coming up with 1 pax will be in J and 2 pax in Y (SYD-DXB,DXB-LED,LHR-DXB-SIN), the flights were marketed and ticketed by QF, and so the chauffeur drive was requested through Qantas.

I'd imagine I would have to call Emirates to request it and pay for it? Even though the EK app shows chauffeur drive as "Not Offered" but "Booked" since it was a QF ticket.

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Strictly speaking, the CD is only supposed to cover one passenger and their luggage. In practice, they're happy for other pax to tag along, but it may be different if the additional pax mean a change of vehicle. At any rate, you will get a call 24-48 hours prior to the flight, from the CD company (in Sydney, it's Brunel Worldwide) and that will be the time to tell them you'd like a larger vehicle (and to discuss any applicable fee).


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If you can't fit 3 pax into whatever vehicle they send, I think you need to tell your mates to stop eating so many pies!


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We ordered a big vehicle during last holidays both from Qantas and Emirates and they were happy to accommodate us. We got a Merc van tbough.

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